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Fee Structure

We pride ourselves in our sensible approach to legal billing in that we do not deem every client to be just another number.

Despite the general perception that legal services are only available to a select few it is important to note that attorneys' fees are regulated and monitored by the KZN Law Society and therefore we do not have 'carte blanche' when it comes to our billing practices.

We judge and bill each individual matter on its own merit and complexity. We do not use automated billing software and/or practices and our general approach to our billing and fees are conservative in nature.





It is important to note that legal fees are time based and as a result it is near impossible to speculate in advance on the exact cost of litigation or the total time it will take to complete an instruction. Through experience and practice it is possible to give you a near estimation on how long a particular matter should take thereby enabling an accurate cost projection.

We have a strict policy against "throwing good money after bad" and will at all times advise our clients accordingly.